As the use of tablets and smart phones exceeds desktop use, short, product-oriented, memorable, and generic domain names will become even more critical and valuable for direct navigation and SEO. Both, younger and aging demographics demand easy-to-remember and easy-to-type website URLs and corresponding email addresses.

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Ultra-Premium Domain Names

Our domain names have the potential to propel a mid-sized company to the top, or to secure market share and competitive advantage for any major corporate entity that acquires them. Overnight, the buyer can dominate the online presence within its industry. Web developers label these domains as “Market Killers” or Category Defining.


Our two-letter .COM domain names are among only 676 (26 x 26) available in the world. Major corporations own an astounding 80% of the two-letter dot-com domain names, and turnover is less than 5 percent. Multinational companies, from American Airlines ( to British Airways (, Apple (, The Procter & Gamble Company (, Philip Morris USA (, and Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. ( appreciate the intrinsic value.

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We feature only ultra-premium domain names, of which ownership of the rarest, most prestigious, and most demanded is limited to only a few hundred businesses in the world.